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Invisalign in Pinner

Dr Suhail Rashid has built up an excellent reputation as a skilled Invisalign dentist in Pinner with 10 years experience straightening teeth

Invisalign clear braces is one of the most popular treatments that Dr Suhail Rashid offers in Pinner allowing for crooked teeth to be straightened in a near invisible way creating natural beautiful smiles.

This cutting edge treatment does not require metal wires or brackets but uses clear near invisible trays that gradually straighten your teeth to reveal your true smile 


What is Invisalign?

Your new smile

Over 5 million people worldwide have benefited from Invisalign treatment, this cutting edge treatment can straighten crooked or crowded teeth to give a natural straight smile.

It does not require metal wires or brackets but uses a series of trays similar to a gum shield,  which are changed every 1-2 weeks to gradually straighten the teeth.

A main advantage of Invisalign is they are near-invisible meaning no-one will notice you wearing them.

They are also comfortable to wear and removable for eating and brushing making it a popular choice for patients looking to straighten their teeth.

Your 4-Stage Invisalign process


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Teeth Straightening Reviews

What could not having straight teeth mean?

Do you have difficulty biting your teeth together? Do you feel a straight smile would look better? Straight teeth not only make your smile look fresh and beautiful but a straight smile also improves the health of your mouth making it more easier to clean between your teeth.

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Your Questions Answered

You understandably must have many questions. Dr Suhail Rashid has answered the most common questions below.

Great question.

It is teeth straightening treatment which uses near-invisible clear trays similar to a gum shield, which are changed every 1-2 weeks to gradually straighten the teeth.

They are removable making it easy to clean your teeth and eat your food unlike traditional braces with  metal wires and brackets which are fixed on to the teeth.

The main benefit of is they are nearly invisible making it difficult for people to notice them. 

They are also removable allowing  you to eat, drink and brush your teeth easily.

Invisalign does not require metal wires and brackets like traditional braces which used to cut and irritate the mouth. Instead each of the smooth comfortable Invisalign trays are worn 1-2 weeks at a time before moving on to the next tray. 

Invisalign also involves digital planning and provides a digital simulation of how the final result will look like allowing for any tweaks to be made before starting treatment.

Dr Rashid firstly carries out a thorough assessment of your teeth and your oral health in general. After this a digital scan of your teeth are taken and sent to Invisalign. A digital treatment plan is then created by Dr Rashid planning the precise teeth movements required to achieve the beautiful straight smile.

A video simulation of how the teeth will move and the final smile result is then created which will show you how your teeth will look like after treatment.

Once you are happy with the simulated final result,  bespoke clear aligners are created to straighten your teeth.

Dr Rashid then monitors your treatment every 3-4 weeks to ensure your treatment is progressing according to plan.

Invisalign treatment is an investment which gradually straightens your smile making them easier to clean and look beautiful.

As with any type of treatment, the cost of treatment depends on the level of crookedness and crowding of your teeth which is connected to the complexity and length of your treatment.

An accurate fee for Invisalign treatment is made after a consultation however an estimate for Invisalign treatment is from £3,000.

It is possible to spread out the cost of Invisalign treatment with 0% Interest Free Credit, please enquire about this at the consultation.

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Why put up with crooked teeth when Invisalign is here?


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