Why choose Dental Implants in Pinner?

Missing just one tooth can affect your confidence, making it difficult to chew and can even affect the way you speak. However you no longer have to suffer and accept missing teeth any more with Dental Implants in Pinner.

A small titanium implant can replace the missing root of the tooth that was there before, this new root can support a new single tooth, or multiple implants can be used to replace multiple missing teeth. 

The dental implant will replace the missing space with a new tooth, bringing back your smile and help you chew properly and speak normally again.

Simon’s life changed with Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Pinner

If you are looking for high quality, effective and long lasting dental implant treatment in Pinner, then Dr Suhail Rashid (GDC No: 193008) can help.

Dr Suhail Rashid is a highly experienced implant dentist in Pinner with a Master’s degree in Dental Implants from the University of Bristol, UK. His patient’s reviews speak for themselves.

He is one of the few Implant surgeons in the U.K. (not just London) who is a Gold member Straumann Implant Dentist reflecting the number of dental implants he places every year.

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Dental Implant Patient Testimonials

Your Questions Answered

You understandably must have many questions. Dr Suhail Rashid has answered the most common questions below.

Great question.

Dr Rashid is a highly experienced implant dentist with a Master’s degree in Dental Implants from the University of Bristol. He has lectured and educated other dentists on the subject of Dental Implantology.  

He also receives regular referrals from other dentists to treat their own patients as they trust him and appreciate his experience and skill in the complex field of Dental Implantology.

Dr. Rashid uses one of the leading Swiss implant systems in the world (Straumann) and has attended many postgraduate implant courses internationally including a Master’s course at the University of Bern, Switzerland.

In addition to his experience and skill, he is also a very caring & gentle individual who is sensitive to each person’s wants and needs.

If the dental implant treatment is relatively straightforward, then it can take between 10 weeks and 12 weeks to have the final tooth fitted from the date the dental implant was fitted.

However, there are times where the treatment can take longer depending on the complexity of the individual case.

Dr Rashid will tell you the treatment time estimate after a thorough assessment at the dental implant consultation stage.

Dental implants are an investment which provides an improvement in the quality of life for patients, bringing back their smiles and significantly improving the chewing of food allowing patients to enjoy food again.  

The investment for a high quality Straumann dental implant to be placed together with a handmade bespoke porcelain tooth fitted on top is from £2,500. However the cost of replacing the missing space with a simple denture, or a bridge or leaving the gap untreated over the years could amount to much more than the cost of a dental implant.

It is also possible to spread out the cost of this treatment with 0% Interest Free Credit, please enquire about this at the consultation.

The vast majority of dental implant treatments Dr Rashid carries out are under normal local anaesthetic. After the initial local anaesthetic is given, you are numb and the dental implant procedure is completed comfortably without pain. Feeling some pressing and pressure during the implant procedure is entirely normal and is not painful.

If you are nervous there is an option to have your treatment carried out with sedation. Sedation makes you feel relaxed and comfortable so you are no longer nervous and you are not put to sleep. Another benefit is patients who have sedation rarely remember the procedure after it has been completed which some nervous patients prefer.

An important point with dental implant treatment is the more experienced the clinician doing the treatment is, the smoother and more comfortable the treatment will be for you.

Therefore make sure the implant dentist doing the procedure is highly experienced and well qualified to carry out the procedure before embarking on dental implant treatment.

Usually yes, dental implant treatment will still be possible for you. Dr Rashid has seen many patients who were told previously that implant treatment was not possible due to lack of bone however after a thorough assessment implant treatment was completed successfully.

Dr Rashid completes a thorough assessment at the consultation stage together with detailed x-rays and 3D scans which show accurately the amount of bone that is available for implant treatment.

There are times when a tooth or multiple teeth that need to be removed can have an implant  or implants immediately placed at the same appointment together with a tooth or multiple teeth fitted on the same day, this is known as an ‘immediate implant’ or ‘same day teeth’.

However there are some occasions where it may be necessary to wait for a period after tooth removal before an implant can be placed. Usually if an infection is present around the tooth then a period of healing is required to ensure the infection as gone before placing an implant.

If this is the case then there is nothing to worry about in terms of the missing gap as temporary solutions exist to cover the missing gap during this healing phase such as using a temporary denture or temporary bridge.

There are occasions where bone is lacking however with a bone grafting procedure, new bone can be regenerated in the jaw after which an implant can be placed.

After a thorough assessment and analysis of the 3D scan, Dr Rashid will be able to advise whether a bone graft procedure is required or not.  If you do require one, then the process and associated costs will be explained to you in detail so you are kept fully informed.

Dr Rashid has completed a Master’s course in Guided Bone Regeneration and Sinus Bone grafting under the world renowned Professor Buser at the University of Bern, Switzerland which has trained him to carry out these complex procedures.

 Therefore he has seen many patients who he has treated successfully with bone grafting and implants which were previously told that treatment was not possible due to its complexity.

Why put up with missing teeth any longer?


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